Established in 1979

Projects Completed


  • All the 4 Blast furnaces Automation
  • Sintering Plant 2 Conveyor system Automation
  • OBBP Material Handling System Automation
  • Hot Strip Mill Screw Down System Automation
  • Dividing Line Automation
  • Battery #05 new PLC system
  • Coke Screening plant automation with PLC system
  • Auto Change Over of Stove System at BF-#04
  • Automatic Coke Moisture compensation System at BF #04 batch charging system
  • SSM-Reversing Mill -Rockwell Automation Allen-Bradley PLC Based Automation.


  • Ingot Casting Machine-1 & 2 Automation
  • Fume Treatment Plant -1 Automation
  • Roding Shop Automation (In association with FCI France)
  • GAP-1 Kneader PLC Commissioning.
  • Auto Butt Stripping PLC Automation Commissioning
  • Relay Logic to PLC system Automation in Stacker Reclaimer at Damanjodi Plant.
  • GAP-2 PLC-A, B PLC Commissioning.
  • Carbon Area Stacking Crane PLC & Drive System.
  • Drive Commissioning at Carbon area Loading/Unloading.
  • Drive Commissioning at Carbon area Turn Table at Furnace area.


  • Total Turbine Control System.